54 yo paraplegic female presenting with spasticity of the lower extremities, left leg worse than right. The left hip and leg have an elevated tone to the hip flexor, with internal rotationand inability to abduct the left leg. This has been a long-standing issue, and she additionally treats with pilates, aqua-therapy, and anti-spasmodic medications. Affected Meridians – Foot Shao Yang Gallbladder and Foot Yang Ming Stomach.BaZi Analysis shows that patient has a deficient Yang Metal constitution. 

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Elevated tone to left hips Yin meridians   

Decreased strength to left hips Foot Shao Yang Gallbladder and Foot Yang Ming Stomach 


Sick Meridians: Foot Shao Yang Gallbladder and Foot Yang Ming Stomach


Balance Meridians: Tai Yin Yang Ming III/VI, Hand Shao Yang San Jiao


Points: Left ST43, ST36 LU5, LU9  Right SP3, SP9, LI3, LI11, SJ13, SJ14

Immediate decrease in muscle tone and spasticity to left hip.

Twice weekly, ongoing due to her chronic spinal cord injury.

Patient noted decreased tone to her left lower extremity at night when trying to sleep, and during the day when agitated.After 2 weeks, the patient was able to decrease her dose of anti-spasmodic medications. 

In this video, Dr. Eileen Yue Ling Han teaches how to needle the Brain Zone (Shàng Liú 上瘤).

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