How to use our All-new Referral Finder Map

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Using our new Referral Finder Map is simple. There are 3 main areas:

1) A fully functional Google Map allows you to click/touch, drag to look around, and zoom in and out. If there is more than one practitioner in an area, a blue marker or red cluster symbol will indicate how many practitioners are in that vicinity.
2) A scrollable list of practitioners found inside the map area provides basic information on these acupuncturists. Select the “Read more” button to see additional details about the practitioner.
3) The “category” field indicates the practitioner level (eg, Certification in Progress, Gold, Silver). If you leave this field blank, the map will show all practitioners in the area, regardless of certification level. You can also enter a street, city, state, or country name in the “Enter address” field to locate practitioners near a certain location. If you allow geolocation on your browser (or cell phone), a map indicating your real-time location and all nearby practitioners will automatically load.

We hope this tool from The Academy of Acupuncture makes it even easier for patients to find the care they need!

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