Eileen Yue-Ling Han PhD, LAc., Director of The Academy of Acupuncture certified Gold Level practitioner San Diego CA

Tonight’s the night. It’s gonna be alright!

His signature raspy voice and chiseled looks left an impression on Dr. Han, so when she hear her student with hoarseness, she wanted to name this case study “Rod Stewart’s Sister.”

On the second morning of the Core Foundations Track seminar at Hacienda Heights CA, Darlene O. Sanchez DVM came in sounding like Rod Stewart. I asked her to sing a melody that would demonstrate the hoarseness through the range of octaves. Her voice became more hoarse the higher she pitched her vocal cords.



Sick Meridians: Foot Yangming Stomach, Hand Yangming Large Intestine, Foot Shaoyin Kidney


Balance Meridians: Hand Yangming Large Intestine, Hand Taiyin Lung


Points: Left: LI5 Right: LU 7, 9, 9.2 Scalp: DU 24

One treatment.

I asked her to repeat the same melody and the hoarseness was gone, even at the higher ranges. The following day, she sang karaoke with her friends.

She went to karaoke with her friends the following night.

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