20 year-old male experiences numbness and tingling in the right hand after several hours of work in front of a computer – the computer is positioned at in incline angle rising up and back out from his desk. Phalen’s test was negative, but palpation of the neck was painful. I asked the patient to stand up naturally and observed his posture: slumped shoulders with palms facing his anterior thighs, and his neck is slanted anteriorly.


Neck is painful on palpation – right side


Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine, Hand Shao Yang San Jiao, Foot Shao Yang Gall Bladder, Foot Tai Yang Urinary Bladder


Foot Jue Yin Liver, Foot Shao Yin Kidney


Left LV4, KD5-7 area

Immediately after inserting the needles, I palpated his neck with the same pressure and it was not as painful

Two treatments per week for 3 weeks
Postural re-education
On his second visit, he proclaimed he no longer had hand numbness and was maintaining a proper posture. He enjoyed the feeling of relaxation from acupuncture and continues to come for treatment even though he does not have any complaints.

In this demonstration, Dr Eileen Yue Ling Han treats wrist pain

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