Constitutional Diagnosis and Calendrical Calculations

Constitutional Diagnosis and Calendrical Calculations
The Modern Approach to Ba Zi

Course Series by Dr. Howard Chen, MD, FAAMA, ABOIM

Course Summary

This course uses Chinese Lunisolar calendrical calculations on birth information to determine an individual’s pre-heaven constitution and the modifications it undergoes throughout the post-heaven lifespan. The curriculum integrates and synthesizes TCM Zang Fu Theory, Five Element Theory, and Lunisolar calendrical knowledge to arrive at concrete and logical conclusions about an individual’s past, present, and future constitution, health, and personality traits.

Knowledge and discussion, as well as small group work, intensifies as the class progresses through weekly online lectures (7 hours per day for two-day weekend for 8 weekends). Modules are taught by Dr. Howard Chen, MD, FAAMA, ABOIM, the apprentice and assistant of Dr Richard Tan.

Coursework centers on a deep exploration of The Four Pillars of Destiny and Four Pillar calendrical calculations and includes:

  • Explanation of the basic characteristics and use of the Chinese lunisolar calendar
  • Construction of an accurate 4 Pillar Chart for any given date, time, and geographical location
  • Analysis of the 4 Pillar Chart for essential details, including Day Master, Pre-Heaven Constitution, Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch interactions
  • Evaluation of the effect of time, environmental, and lifestyle influences on the Pre-Heaven constitution, both from a Five Element and a 10 Spirit perspective
  • Development of an advanced understanding of an individual’s 4 Pillar Chart in a clinical consultation directed towards enhancing an individual’s understanding of their personality and health


Successful completion of the Demystifying the Theory of the Five Elements seminar. A strong knowledge of traditional BaZi is required to truly absorb the depth and breadth of the advanced information presented in this course.

If you haven’t taken the prerequisite course before, it is available as an on-demand course.

Dr Eileen Han interviews Dr Howard Chen MD, who combines the best of Eastern / Western Medicine at his Chen Center of integrated medicine in Reno, Nevada.

The “Demystifying the Theory of the Five Elements” seminar is a prerequisite for the new “Constitutional Diagnosis and Calendrical Calculation” seminar.