Eileen Yue-Ling Han PhD, LAc., Director of The Academy of Acupuncture certified Gold Level practitioner San Diego CA

A young man drank alcohol two nights ago. Last night, he could not sleep. Today he has postnasal drip, and the associated throat irritation is worse on the left while swallowing. There is also a cough with some chest discomfort. His facial complexion is pale and slightly dusky and his lips are bright purplish-red.

• Postnasal drip, throat irritation worse on the left while swallowing.

• Cough with chest discomfort.

• Insomnia.


Sick Meridians: Hand Yangming [LI], Foot Yangming [ST], Foot Shaoyin [KD].


Balance Meridians: Hand Taiyin [LU], Foot Taiyin [SP], Hand Yangming [LI], Foot Yangming [ST].


Points: R: LU9 (x2), St36 L: LI4, SP6 An Mian 5.

Throat irritation was immediately relieved. Facial complexion harmonized to a healthy glow, lip color returned to pink.

One treatment.

No follow-up.

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