45 year-old female with buttock pain on both sides radiating to the hips for the past four days. Intensity of pain was 9/10 and she could not sleep. The pain was a flare-up from an accident 5 years ago that had come back every now and then when she was tired or started to exercise. She became afraid of moving, though she was not depressed and ready to change her situation. She is also experiencing pain from an ovarian cyst. Her pain alternates from side to side. She will have her period in a few days.


Bilateral buttock pain. Intensity of pain: 9/10
Ovarian cyst pain on the left lower abdomen. Intensity of pain: 7/10


Foot Shao Yang Gallbladder Meridian, Foot Tai Yang Urinary Bladder Meridian, Foot Jue Yin Liver Meridian


Hand Shao Yin Heart, Hand Tai Yin Lung Meridian, Hand Jue Yin Pericardium Meridian


R: Mu Guan, Gu Guan, Zhong Guan

After Gu Guan, the patient could stand up, sit, and squat with only a bruised sensation. After the insertion of Mu Guan, all of the pain in her hip and buttock were completely gone. She could still feel a little pain around her ovarian cyst. After the insertion of Zhong Guan, she was pain free.

3 treatments for one week with the same points and side.
Herbal supplement was given to treat Qi & Blood Stagnation
2 treatment the following week, alternating the points from left and right sides.
1 treatment per week for one month.
During the 3rd treatment, she told me that she started her period after the second treatment. Her pain level was tolerable enough to be able to go to work with intensity of pain having gone down to 2/10. During that week, she had a few flare-ups of buttock pain but not enough to disrupt her sleep.
She was pain-free after the fourth treatment. She started to exercise with her friend twice a week and she is now feeling amazing. She now comes for treatment once a month to make sure she stays pain free.

In this demonstration, Dr Eileen Yue Ling Han treats menstrual and low back pain

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