48-year-old female suffers from anxiety and pain of the neck and shoulder. She is uptight with a “me against the world” attitude.

No information.

Neck & shoulder pain on the left: 10/10.


Sick Meridians: Hand Shao Yang San Jiao and Foot Shao Yang Gallbladder


Balance Meridians: Jue Yin / Shao Yang


Points: An Mian Wu* Jue Yin / Shao Yang III/VI

Reduction in pain at the neck and shoulder. Patient felt relaxed.

Three treatments per week for 2 weeks, then two treatments per week for 3 weeks.

The patient felt very peaceful with the treatments. After completing her course of 10 treatments, she continues to come to the clinic once every two weeks for maintenance.

Dr Eileen Yue-Ling Ling Han demonstrates how to treat neck pain.

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